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Dog Breed Selector

Dog Breed Selector

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Getting a dog is a big responsibility. You simply do not adopt one on the spur of a moment because you feel like having an animal companion.

In How to Find the Best Dog Breed For Your Lifestyle, I suggested some breeds that would fit different lifestyles and personalities. In this post, I want to give you more ideas about how to go about finding the breed that will best fit with you.

Aside from ensuring that you provide a good home, the proper feed, and medications when needed, a dog would also need one or more forms of training. In other words, a canine pet would be with you on an almost 24/7 basis and would demand a lot of your attention and time.

This is the reason why it is imperative that you match your personality and your current lifestyle with a dog of the same (or almost the same) temperament. Otherwise, the two of you will have a constant battle of wills which may end up on a very sour note indeed.

Unfortunately, the dog cannot return you to your breeder or give you away when your relationship fails.

Two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

What Is a Dog Breed Selector?

This is where a ‘dog breed selector’ comes into play. A dog breed selector can come in various forms. There are software applications, downloadable manuals, and even small booklets. The main purpose of the selector is to find out which breed of canine companion would suit your current lifestyle.

Most selectors usually begin with a series of overview questions about the kind of dog you’d like. Examples of these questions are:

1. Would you want a tiny, small, medium, large or giant dog? Although many people do not really care for the size of the dog, some homes would benefit more with pets of a specific height or weight.

For example, a pet dog that will be trained to be with larger ranch animals should be at least medium sized. Or for homes where there are extremely young children about, tiny and vociferous toy breed dogs may not be suitable companions.

2. Would you prefer a dynamo or a placid pet companion or something in between? Some dogs are inherently energetic and would require a lot of entertainment, training or exercise. If they don’t get that, they could become destructive.

On the other hand, there are other dog breeds that would be very comfortable just watching the world go by, without so much as a whimper. There are also some breeds that can be trained to be hunting partners during the day but gentle house companions at night.

Your dog’s energy level should match the lifestyle you have now. If you are thinking about getting an energetic dog to encourage you to jog in the morning, then you may be biting off more than you can chew.

Take careful account of your day to day activity and judge what your energy level is. Start from there.



A note to consider, though – many people think that the larger the pet, the greater its energy level is. The opposite is true actually. Small and tiny dogs have the most energy levels in all dog breeds, and many of these have overflowing personalities as well.

Without proper guidance, these dynamos can become too much of a handful. Large dogs the giant breeds are generally more placid.

Where Can You Find a Dog Breed Selector?

Everyone knows Animal Planet, right? Well, you don’t have to subscribe to cable to get access to their dog breed selector. Just click here and start answering their questions. You can also find lots of information about breeds that are easy to train, energetic, and more.

Purina’s website is another place where you can use a dog breed selector. I don’t generally recommend Purina dog kibble, but Purina has some excellent information on their site. I checked the information they published about a few breeds that I’m very familiar with and the information was spot on.

A website called dogtime also has a dog breed selector.

So these three places can get you started on selecting a dog breed that will fit your needs. You could go through all three and compare the results. And you can google ‘dog breed selector’ to find more possibilities. Good luck. Whatever breed you choose, you can expect lots and lots of love and sloppy kisses.


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